Custom Interconnect Solutions

CT (Computed tomography) scanner in hospital laboratory.

What makes CustomConnect® unique?

CustomConnect represents Onanon’s broad and flexible capabilities when it comes to producing custom interconnect solutions. CustomConnect is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a customizable interconnect made specifically for your application.

Onanon’s representatives will talk to you, figure out exactly what you need, take your specifications and product requirements, and bring them to life. Our vast expertise in electromechanical interconnect allows us to design interconnects that optimize function, value, and appearance.

Often, customers will come to us with something that can’t be found anywhere else, or simply does not exist yet. We will work with them to design and build a custom solution completely from scratch without compromise. On top of that, we get your CustomConnect design produced quickly and at a fraction of the cost when compared with any competitor on the market. Our in-house engineering lab can create a functioning prototype for you in a matter of days.

Regardless of what industry you are in, medical, industrial, aerospace, automotive, military, and commercial markets, our innovation, ingenuity, and flexibility, allow us to engineer a Custom Connect solution to your exact specifications. In the medical space, for example, CustomConnect has been used in heart pumps, custom designed to be omnidirectional, light omitting, with a built-in rejection feature ensuring proper connection, in a life sustaining device.

Industries Served

Medical Equipment

CustomConnect is used in a variety of applications in the medical market. Custom solutions are often needed when there are no readily available interconnects on the market that meet a customer’s requirements.

Common Use Cases

  • Neuromodulation Devices
  • High Voltage Heart Catheters
  • Heart Pumps
  • Electrosurgical Procedures

Industrial Equipment

Onanon can integrate proven electromechanical methodologies to create the perfect custom solution for industrial applications to match the rapidly changing needs of the fast-paced industry moving from mechanical to electromechanical. CustomConnect can be engineered to meet your requirements for high power, low power, integrated intelligence, and harsh environments.

Common Use Cases

  • Agriculture
  • Lidar
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace

CustomConnect® Case Studies

CustomConnect can be designed for a variety of applications, including electrosurgical instrumentation. A leading RF ablation OEM requested that Onanon determine how cost savings could be achieved for a specific RF ablation instrument. Onanon designed a CustomConnect solution for the entire hand-held device which removed all non-value added components and processes. CustomConnect not only improved their product, but resulted in a significant cost savings through the entire supply chain, upstream and downstream from our design. Onanon’s CustomConnect solution resulted in a better overall product experience for surgeons.

The Problem

The existing design relied on non-value added manumated gluing, crimping, taping, and overall poor design for manufacturability, adding cost, quality issues and reliability issues in the field. Surgeons were also experiencing fatigue during this time-consuming operation which requires precision and dexterity from the surgeon. The instruments were causing unneeded strain, discomfort, and fatigue in the surgeon’s hands. Surgeons had to use foot pedals in conjunction with the instruments to complete procedures. This led the OEM to approach Onanon for help to make their product and reliable at a disposable cost point.

The Solution

Onanon designed a CustomConnect solution which removed all manual gluing, taping and crimping operations to name a few. The new design allowed it to be a plug and play device eliminating all scrap throughout the supply chain. Onanon redesigned the device to be more user friendly, improving the tactile feel, grip and button performance so that surgeons could more easily perform the operation without any of the strain, discomfort, or fatigue experienced previously. This also eliminated the need to use the additional foot pedal during procedures. All in all, Onanon’s CustomConnect solution led to a better product, which meant that surgeons were able to perform operations with more safety, efficiency and reliability.

In addition to Onanon producing a better product, CustomConnect also improved assembly efficiency, quality and eliminated the field reliability issues. The new sleek design eliminated all scrap, by removing all non-value added processes the labor force needed to manufacture the assembly was cut in half drastically reducing production costs.

Contact Onanon to Learn More About CustomConnect®

Using off the shelf components in a customized OEM device often results in issues with scrap, performance and reliability. Whether you’re in the medical, military, aerospace, commercial, automotive, or industrial markets, CustomConnect solutions improve your product. Your device deserves the attention and engineering that you can’t find elsewhere, to make your device best in class, highest quality, and cost competitive. Onanon can come up with the right creative solution. Get in touch with Onanon’s engineers today to learn how we can design the right CustomConnect for your application.