Innovative Magnetic Cable Connector

Surgeons operate a da Vinci Surgical robot during a surgical operation at Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital

What makes MagConnect® unique?

Onanon’s MagConnect is the most intuitive interconnect in the world with its magnetic, self-mating features. It’s popular in the medical industry, making the lives of physicians easier and safer to prevent accidents during various medical procedures.

Used across the medical, industrial, and military spaces, MagConnect is incredibly easy to use, due to its simple elliptical shape and its ability to magnetically plug itself in. Unlike many basic connectors which can be awkward and cumbersome to plug in, the MagConnect does not require a precise key alignment or any force to connect. Simply get the magnetic cable connector close enough and it will plug itself in.

In addition to being easy to use, MagConnect’s design allows for it to easily decouple when necessary. With medical equipment, for example, tripping over or accidentally pulling on a cord could easily knock over and damage expensive equipment and derail a procedure. In some cases, this poses risks directly to a patient. When connected magnetically, the cord will simply detach itself when pulled on, saving you from potential disaster.

Due to its wide variety of different use cases, MagConnect’s decoupling feature can be calibrated to disconnect at different pressure levels, ranging from 1 to 5 pounds of pressure. This allows you to customize how strongly you want the connector to latch to your equipment, and at what point it will detach itself.

This magnetic cable connector also easily and seamlessly integrates into your application, including high voltage, low voltage and EMI requirements allowing you to use it with almost any technology or equipment. It is designed to be a durable, long-lasting connector, and is available in both reusable and low cost disposable options. All in all, MagConnect allows you to easily, safely, and securely latch and disconnect connectors with your equipment.

Industries Served

Medical Equipment

The MagConnect is popular in the medical industry, and is often used with surgical equipment in situations where intuitive quick connection and quick disconnection must occur. The retention force can be modified to ensure patient safety across a variety of procedures.

Common Use Cases

  • RF Ablation Procedures
  • Electrosurgical Procedures
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Ultrasound Devices

Industrial Equipment

The MagConnect is often found in a variety of other industrial applications. It is the perfect solution for field technicians when using equipment with hard to reach areas.

Common Use Cases

  • Data Communication & Power Transmission
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • E-Bikes & E-Scooters
  • Automation Equipment

Military Equipment

The MagConnect is popular in the military space, due to its reliability and dependability. It is frequently used in a variety of wearable applications.

Common Use Cases

  • Wearable Intelligence Equipment
  • Communications Equipment
  • Missile Launch Applications

MagConnect® Case Studies


Onanon was approached by a top medical video laryngoscope manufacturer in need of a creative solution for its laryngoscope connectors. Previously, they had been using HDMI connectors for this equipment, HDMI’s inability to plug and unplug with ease were causing injuries to patients during procedures. Laryngoscopies are performed to observe the larynx and other parts of the throat, and require doctors to be able to delicately maneuver equipment inside of a patient’s esophagus. Without the right equipment, performing this kind of procedure can be difficult. In some cases, it can be made more complicated and risky, as the equipment may unintentionally apply pressure to and damage a patient’s esophagus. In these instances, when using a basic HDMI connector, the laryngoscope will not easily disconnect if something goes wrong during the procedure. This led to this manufacturer approaching Onanon in search of a connector that would easily detach in these situations.

High Voltage Intravascular Lithotripsy

Magconnect was also the perfect solution for high voltage Intravascular Lithotripsy for Vascular Calcium. The OEM commented that once Magconnect was seamlessly integrated into their device that it was predictably safe, distinctively intuitive and consistently effective.

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Whether you’re in the medical, military, or industrial markets, the MagConnect may be the connector you need to improve your product. With its magnetic, self-mating feature and simple elliptical shape, it is the most intuitive and easy to use interconnect in the world. Get in touch with us to learn more and to see if the MagConnect is the solution you’ve been looking for.