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wecreate / November 29, 2022
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Onanon is a California-based custom manufacturer of cable connectors and assemblies. We are one of the largest OEM manufacturers in North America, with capabilities to produce and ship over 14 million interconnects each month. With over 40 years of experience, ISO certification, and RoHS compliance, we offer the highest quality service to go with our top notch, state of the art products. 

Among our most innovative products is the MagConnect series, these connectors are very popular in the medical field for a wide range of applications. Its innovative magnetic safety latch makes it safe to use during medical procedures that require the highest levels of caution, with its adjustable decoupling capabilities designed to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of accidents during operations. Its simple elliptical shape and magnetic connecting feature make it incredibly easy to use. Simply get the magnetic connector close enough to the port and it will plug itself in. 

Onanon has the manufacturing capabilities to mass produce large quantities of these connectors for your product with your exact specifications and requirements. Our design and manufacturing team will ensure that we meet these requirements by working closely with you to learn exactly what is needed. We’ll then get to work to create a high quality, cost effective solution for you with a quick turnaround time.  

About Onanon’s Magnetic Safety Latch Connectors

Onanon’s magnetic push-pull connectors can be customized to your specific needs for a variety applications. In addition to the magnetic safety latch being easy to use, it is able to easily decouple when necessary, an important and often overlooked feature for medical devices. Tripping over or accidentally pulling on a cord has the potential to damage medical equipment or derail a procedure, posing potential risks to not only very expensive equipment, but directly to a patient as well. Our medical push-pull connector’s safety latch prevents this from happening. The decoupling feature can also be calibrated to disconnect at different retention levels for different applications.

These connectors have many other features that make it a top choice in the field. They can be used in both disposable and reusable applications, and are able to withstand heat, operating in temperatures as high as 150°C. They are ruggedly built to withstand harsh environments, featuring corrosion resistant gold contacts and durable plastic housings. In addition to these features, Onanon’s manufacturing capabilities allow the MagConnect to be completely customizable to your specific needs. This allows you to create a product that works for you. For example, you’ll be able to decide on the decoupling pressure level, which ranges from 1 to 5 pounds of retention, that best fits for your intended use case. This is just one of many features that you’ll be able to tweak during the design process.  

Medical Magnetic Safety Connectors: Common Use Cases

Due to the ease of use, intuitive feel, and customizable features, our innovative medical safety latch connectors have a wide range of applications, and are often used with surgical equipment where intuitive quick connection and disconnection must occur. Onanon also custom designed a connector for laryngoscopes, where a top medical video laryngoscope manufacturer needed a creative solution for its equipment that allowed doctors to delicately maneuver equipment inside a patient’s esophagus. Other applications include, but are not limited to, the following uses: 

  • RF Ablation Procedures
  • Electrosurgical Procedures
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Ultrasound Devices

Custom Medical Push-Pull Connectors from Onanon

Onanon’s customizable medical push-pull connectors may be the solution you’re looking for. We’ve worked with some of the top medical equipment providers in the world, and take pride in our ability to come through for them every time. Our decades of experience in the industry, along with our excellent design and engineering team, give us the capabilities to custom make the right magnetic connector for your needs. Your products deserve the attention and engineering to ensure that it is not only fully functional, but safe to use for any medical application. Our team will make sure you get just that. Learn more about Onanon’s MagConnect series and how it may be the connector you need to improve your product. 


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