Custom Cable Assemblies

What makes CableConnect® unique?

CableConnect is another example of Onanon’s creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility when it comes to designing custom cable assembly solutions for our customers. Decades of experience in the medical, industrial, military markets with fine wire(30-50 awg), high conductor count, micro-coax, high impedance, high voltage and silicone requirements together with a deep understanding of cable design engineering, have given us the ability to design cable assemblies that optimize function, performance, value, and appearance.

Onanon’s representatives will work together with you to understand your product requirements and engineer a solution that is customized to your specifications. Our decades of experience in terminating to all connector platforms whether off the shelf, custom, or application specific with any number of pin and pin styles such as crimping, solder-cup, PCBA’s, and Robotic wire termination”Robosolder”. Automated cable processing, automated wire processing and laser stripping removing the human variables from the cable assembly process. Customizing cable assemblies including overmolding features, adding logos, meeting ingress protection requirements, overmolding expertise including TPU, TPE, PC, Silicone, Polyimide to name a few which allows for unique opportunities to use embedded electronic components and circuits on PCB substrates in the connectors.

Companies will often come to Onanon seeking cable assemblies for a specific application that they either have designed or are unable to find elsewhere, usually because it doesn’t exist or there isn’t a supplier as capable as Onanon. We will take the time to understand exactly what is needed, and then get to work on designing the solution and process to meet your requirements without compromise. We can have your cable assembly “CableConnect” designed and produced at a fraction of the cost, and time when compared to any competitor, without compromising on quality. Our engineering team will become an extension of your team to deliver exactly what your application requires.

Our innovation, ingenuity, and flexibility lets us design the perfect custom cable assembly to your exact specifications, regardless of what industry you are in. Onanon produces custom solutions for the medical, industrial, aerospace, automotive, military, and commercial markets, among others.

Industries Served

Medical Equipment

CableConnect is frequently used in medical applications due to our ability to deliver exactly what you need in your cable assembly to meet your product requirements. Cable assemblies are often found in hospital settings that have stringent cleaning requirements, life saving reliability requirements, and cost sensitive disposable and reusable requirements.

Common Use Cases

  • Fine Wire (30-50 AWG) Catheter Applications
  • Overmolded OR Cables
  • Autoclavable Silicone Cables
  • Single Use Disposable Cables
  • Low Pressure Overmolding Encapsulating Fine Wires and Components

Industrial Equipment

Onanon’s customizable CableConnect is often used in industrial applications, especially in heavy equipment and in harsh environments.

Common Use Cases

  • IP Rated Cables
  • High Voltage and Low Voltage
  • Robotic Equipment
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Heavy Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

Onanon’s CableConnect has revolutionized the agriculture industry helping steward the industries evolution from mechanical to electromechanical and electrification, in the harsh environment that is the agricultural industry.

Common Use Cases

  • Wire Harnesses
  • Intelligent Harvesters/Combines
  • Hi-tech Sprayer Systems
  • Turf Equipment

Military Equipment

CableConnect is a trusted tool of the military, and is frequently found in a variety of applications, such as custom self-mating and decoupling cables on wearable equipment.

Common Use Cases

  • Self-Mating Cables on Wearables
  • Self-Cleaning Interconnect

CableConnect® Case Studies

CableConnect can be uniquely designed for a wide variety of applications, including uses in the field of robotics. A top medical robotics company approached Onanon with a request for a cable assembly for one of their products. They were unable to find anything that met their requirements, so Onanon created a custom solution for them in a very short timeframe.

The Problem

A top medical robotics company needed a cable assembly that would fit into a very tight space within the cartridge of a disposable robotic arm. Additionally, it needed to be hermetically sealed so that no gas, air, or other substances would leak in and compromise the integrity of the assembly. The sensor inside needed to be able to work under harsh conditions, including high temperatures, humidity, vibration, and exposure to chemicals. This assembly would be used in robotic surgery equipment, so it was critical that it would be able to withstand these conditions. This medical robotics company was unable to find this specific solution anywhere else, so they approached Onanon to help design it from scratch.

The Problem

Onanon’s engineering team designed a custom CableConnect solution that met every single requirement. The unique cable assembly was able to withstand the harsh conditions and operate effectively. The process required ingenuity and complex plasma treatment science to achieve the proper bonding of the silicone overmold to the board. All of this was also done while keeping costs low and in an incredibly short amount of time. A process that would usually require up to two years to complete was done in under six months, something that has never been done before in a customized cable solution.

Contact Onanon to Learn More About CableConnect®

Whether you’re in the medical, military, aerospace, commercial, automotive, or industrial markets, CableConnect may be the unique cable assembly solution for your product. If you’re looking for a custom solution that can’t be found anywhere else, let Onanon work with you to find the exact cable assembly that matches your requirements. Contact us today to learn more and to see how Onanon can help design the perfect CableConnect solution for you.