Custom Board to Board Connectors

Electronic printed circuit board with chips and other components, green color, back side, angled view

What makes BoardConnect® unique?

BoardConnect represents Onanon’s robust capabilities when it comes to designing customizable board to board connectors. BoardConnect is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a custom solution tailor-made for your application. It can be assembled as a board to board connector or as a cable assembly with a connector on it to connect it to a circuit board.

BoardConnect can be assembled in any form factor, built in any shape that a customer might need it in for their board to board or board to cable solution. Additionally, we can custom build an intelligent connector with embedded electronics. Onanon’s representatives will meet with you to learn exactly what you need, take your specifications and product requirements, and then bring them to life. Our vast experience allows us to design solutions that optimize function, value, and appearance.

Customers often approach us with a challenge that can’t be solved elsewhere. Most of the time, the solution they are looking for does not yet exist. We will work with them to build a custom solution, completely from scratch and without compromise. We’ll even get your unique BoardConnect design produced quickly and at a fraction of the cost of what any competitor may offer. Our in-house engineering lab can create a functioning prototype for you in a matter of days.

Used across the medical, military, and agricultural spaces, BoardConnect is a flexible and easy to use solution for board to board or board to cable connections. Regardless of the industry you are in, our innovation, ingenuity, and flexibility allow us to engineer a custom solution for your exact specifications.

Industries Served

Medical Equipment

BoardConnect is popular in the medical industry, often used for integrating off the shelf connectors into application specific assemblies.

Common Use Cases

  • Catheters
  • Next Generation Device Upgrades
  • Medical Device Interconnect Adaptors

Military Equipment

BoardConnect is often found in many applications in the military space, due to its reliability and dependability. It is frequently used in a variety of applications.

Common Use Cases

  • High Density
  • Board Connect with Flex

Agricultural Equipment

BoardConnect is frequently found in the agricultural space, used in smart tractors and other intelligent harvesting equipment.

Common Use Cases

  • Right Angle PCB Connectors
  • Bladed Headers

BoardConnect® Case Studies

BoardConnect can be designed for a variety of applications. One customer, a top military interconnect manufacturer, came to us in a dire situation which was costing their end customer over $10,000 a day. They were in need of a custom board to board connector, and provided us with a rough concept of what they needed. Our engineering team was able to provide a drawing complete with tolerancing, DFM suggestions, and a cost competitive quote that same day. We manufactured their custom board solution and had it shipped within 4 days, a quick turnaround time when compared to the industry average of 4-6 weeks. In the process, we ended up saving them nearly $100,000.

Contact Onanon to Learn More About BoardConnect®

Whether you’re in the medical, military, or agricultural markets, BoardConnect may be the solution you’re looking for to improve your product. Using off the shelf components in a customized OEM device often results in issues with scrap, performance, and reliability. Your products deserve better, and Onanon offers the best product engineering and service on the market. Get in touch with Onanon’s engineering team to learn how we can design the right BoardConnect for your application.