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Onanon Push-Pull Circular Connectors

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Onanon's Off-the-shelf High Density Push-Pull Circular Medical Connectors 

The Onanon Push Pull Connector is our standard circular connector with an intuitive snap locking design. The connector has three main sizes, allowing for customizable pin counts up to 400. Due to the off the shelf nature of this connector, we will be able to deliver this product to you much faster than our completely custom options.

Unique design for every application. The Onanon Push-Pull Connector design allows the customer to define a unique pin layout, as well as a unique keying feature for the overall housing. By reducing the customizable sections to a few parts, we are able to offer fully custom, intuitive connectors with lower tooling costs and shorter lead times.  

Size examples, contact us for your application specific options


Mating Diameter: 0.400" Mating Diameter: 0.630" Mating Diameter: 0.876"
Overall OD: 0.500" Overall OD: 0.75" Overall OD: 1"
MAX Pin Count: 10 MAX Pin Count: 75 MAX Pin Count: 146

Features & Benefits

  • Available in any footprint up to 400 contact
  • 3 Amps per contact
  • Scalable to include electronics
  • IP65-IP67
  • 5000 mating cycles
  • Disposable or Reusable
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Unlimited keying options
  • Panel and cable mount available
  • Customizable with little to no tooling cost

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