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Onanon Disposable Medical Connectors

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    Onanon Disposable Medical Connector Systems

    Our single-use connectors are designed and manufactured to meet ISO 13485 standards. Our industrial, light weight design makes this an ideal solution for a wide variety of disposable medical applications, from catheters to surgical hand tools. This series of connector systems is semi-customizable. You can add electronic functionality such as use limitation, or product identification. Call us today to discuss your connector application.

    Disposable Plug Connector assembly

    Plug and receptacle assembly









    • Available in any footprint up to 400 contact
    • 3 Amps per contact
    • Scalable to add electronics
    • IP65-IP67
    • 5000 Mating Cycles
    • Disposable or Reusable
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Unlimited keying options
    • Panel and cable mount available 
    • Customizable with little to no tooling


    These systems are ideally suited for a wide range of disposable or reusable medical applications such as surgical catheters, EKG, ECG as well as dental instruments.


    Number of Contacts  1 - 400
    Termination Style Hot Socket, solder, crimp
    Current Rating 3.0 Amp per contact
    Contact Resistance < 8.0 milliohms
    Extraction Force 0.50 - 1.60 oz per contact 
    Mating Cycle Life 5000
    Voltage Between Contacts 1000V
    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 750V
    Contact Plating Gold over Nickel
    Insulator Material Medical grade Polycarbonate
    Temperature Rating -40°C to 125°C
    Sterilization Steam Autoclave, Gamma, EtO


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