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The Overmolding Process

Overmolding is done by injecting thermal setting resins in an encapsulating mold over a manufactured product. This can be done once or several times to vary the colors and mechanical properties of the set resins.

Mechanical properties of the set resins vary from flexible—even springy—to resilient. Textures can be tooled into the molds to give an ergonomic easy to manipulate surface.


Onanon Overmolding

Onanon provides overmolded connectors and cable assemblies. Overmolding provides water and shock proofing for connectors, or can be used to provide strain relief for cable assemblies.

Using our expertise in custom connector design, our engineers are able to create overmolds specifically tailored to your needs.

Overmolded Cables

Cable assemblies can make use of overmolded boots with resilient resins that provide strain relief. Onanon is able to custom design these parts to adhere to your ergonomic and aesthetic requirements. Our large selection of materials offers several different options for the look and feel of your product, from a matte finish with a soft touch, to a shiny finish with a slick, smooth touch.

Onanon Molds, Resins and Colors

We have thousands of molds and a wide selection of resins with various setting properties and colors. Onanon has the mold that can be quickly modified to meet your needs.

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