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Onanon is an OEM innovator, designer and manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies.

Housing prototyping to mass production, Onanon produces over 10 million connector and cable assemblies each month, making us one of the largest custom OEM manufacturers in North America.

Onanon Inc leverages design and manufacturing technology to reduce cost and improve quality.  Onanon was founded in 1979 as a design, prototype and manufacturing company specializing in value add connectors and cable assemblies with integrated electronics.

Onanon specializes in producing customized connectors.  It’s engineering team utilizes the latest in engineering design software and they design for manufacturability.  The company uses multiple head automation in its manufacturing process, which maximizes throughput and minimizes handling.

Over the past ten years Onanon has become focused on providing OEM’s with a globally cost competitive reliable source for their medical cable and connector needs. Onanon produces highly sensitive connectors that are designed to process inputs from the source. This allows OEMs to embed value-added microscale systems with intelligent designs. Onanon also makes embedded electronic connectors.   Onanon utilizes automated rapid wire-termination technology, which reduces labor cost and increases yields providing Onanon a huge competitive advantage.    

Customized medical cable assemblies are designed to meet each unique medical device application. Onanon’s vertical manufacturing facility, houses rapid automated wire termination, molding, over-molding, SMT component placement, automated connector pin assembly.  These capabilities allow Onanon to keep cost down while producing the highest quality products to its customers.


Onanon products can be found in these diverse markets:


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