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Our expertise integrating printed circuit assemblies with connectors combining terminal pins, sockets, stamped terminals, screw machined pins and female receptacles directly into the PCB assembly solves many design limitations and reduces costs by eliminating redundant sub-components, allowing for miniaturization and increasing functionality directly at the connector. 

Now 36 years leadership going above and beyond for our partners – Onanon is a trusted global leader for conceptualizing, innovation, design and manufacturing of custom OEM electromechanical devices.

We specialize in designing for manufacturability and removing non-value processes, featuring automated assembly manufacturing from prototyping to production.


Medical Connectors

Medical Connector

At Onanon we design, prototype, test and manufacture OEM medical connectors for medical device companies worldwide. Our extensive design and manufacturing knowledge provides high performance connectors for both reusable and disposable applications, utilizing dramatic cost and yield saving technology.

Cable Assemblies

Cable Assembly

Onanon cable assemblies terminate as connectors with any number of pins on any engineered plastic, ceramic or PCB substrate. Wires from 20 to 50 gauge are automatically soldered and run in a harness using Onanon’s proprietary rapid fine wire termination technology and encased by overmolding.

Overmolded Cables

Overmold cable

Onanon overmolding provides connectors and cable assemblies with a professionally styled, ergonomically soft touch, water and shock proof strain relief covering. Overmold cable assembly encapsulation is formed using a highly resilient overmold resin. Tight tolerances are maintained in volume production to assure high quality.

Customized Solutions

Onanon manufactures custom connectors from any engineered plastic in any shape, size or configuration. Pin counts can range from 1 to as many required, at any pitch, and with multiple pin sizes on the same connector. Electronic components can be mounted to the connector and circuitry can be added to interconnect pins.

Intelligent Connectors

Onanon embedded electronics connector technology adds active and/or passive components to a custom connector to expand the function of a device rather than requiring a main system board redesign. Shortens retrofit time to market. Make modifications, add functions and updates quickly and economically.

Composite Materials

Onanon can efficiently produce your engineered plastic fabricated parts with repeatability and unsurpassed quality, often at less cost. Each part meets our high standards, and yours. Our custom machined plastic products are found in medical devices, avionics, automotive, commercial, electronic and military applications.

Automated Fine Wire Termination Simplifies Complex Medical Connector Assembly

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry September 2015
Removing the human element from the process of cable-to-connector assembly for medical devices by the use of robotic automation improves reliability and reduces production cost.

Miniature assemblies, previously thought to be impossible to manufacture, can now be introduced into connector designs using wire gauges as small as 56AWG. Robotic automation even solves problems with higher conductor counts and exotic wire alloys.




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