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Onanon Custom OEM Connector Design and Manufacturing

Onanon is an engineering and manufacturing company capable of producing over 10 million connector components a day, making us one of the largest connector manufacturers in North America.

With Onanon’s vast knowledge in creating custom connectors for the most demanding industries, we can quickly and inexpensively take your connector application from design, prototyping and testing to production in a matter of weeks.

Onanon is particularly distinguished by our proprietary high speed automated machining and assembly processes. This method of manufacturing gives us the flexibility to easily and quickly re-configure to make any size/shape connector, with little to no tooling cost.

Established in 1979, Onanon has a tradition of zero defects, on time delivery and cost competitive manufacturing. Let's discuss your upcoming connector application and what we can do to make it happen.

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Automated Fine Wire Termination Simplifies Complex Medical Connector Assembly

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry September 2015
Removing the human element from the process of cable-to-connector assembly for medical devices by the use of robotic automation improves reliability and reduces production cost.

Miniature assemblies, previously thought to be impossible to manufacture, can now be introduced into connector designs using wire gauges as small as 56AWG. Robotic automation even solves problems with higher conductor counts and exotic wire alloys.



Onanon Custom Connectors

Onanon manufactures custom connectors to your specifications. They can be made with any engineered plastic, PCB or ceramic in any size or shape with any number of pins in any size and any shape, all on the same substrate.

Onanon Custom Connectors

Onanon Engineered Plastics

Onanon has manufactured custom fabricated parts made from the appropriate engineered plastic to meet demanding OEM requirements for over 33 years. We can efficiently produce your custom product with repeatability and unsurpassed quality, often at less cost.

Onanon Engineered Plastics

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