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onanon testimonials

  • Just wanted to drop you a note and let you guys know that we really appreciate you and your team. I would probably put you guys in the top 2 suppliers to work with in general and especially when issues arise. I’d say number 1 but I don’t want that to go to your head, so well keep it at top 2 and leave you theoretical room for improvement . JK pretty sure that if I actually put some criteria to it you guys would be number 1.

    Gary M.

    Design Engineer
  • Thank you again to the whole Onanon team for making this project a priority and ensuring that all parts were released by the end of this month. I know that extra hours were spend in order to hit this target, and I really appreciate all the hard work and the constant communication in order to ensure we meet this goal

    Kaity T.

    Systems Engineering Manager