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Onanon IC Sockets and Adapters

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  • Socket Adapters Most common configurations already on file.
  • Any size, shape or pattern with pitch as fine as 0.5mm.
  • More than 32 years of experience and over 24,000 configurations on file.
  • Onanon’s solder ball technology connects sockets by surface mount, or combined with Onanon’s rapid wire termination to fine wire cable.
  • Circuit can be manufactured with passive and active components on PCB substrate.
  • Sensor ICs can be socket mounted remote from the board through a cable.
  • Boards can be updated by replacing non-compatible ICs, saving expensive redesign.
  • Any engineered plastic, ceramic or PCB substrate.
  • High volume and quality from prototype to any volume to meet scheduled delivery.



Any Kind Of IC Socket, Any Kind Of Adapter

Onanon makes IC sockets and adapters for BGA, LGA, PGA, LIF, ZIF, CGA, DIP just to name a few. In essence, we can make any kind of IC socket and any kind of adapter to your specifications with pitch as fine as 0.5mm.

We have been manufacturing IC sockets and adapters for over 32 years and have more than 24,000 configurations in our computer files.

Any of these connectors in our files is immediately ready for manufacture in any volume to meet your scheduled delivery.

Solder Ball Technology, Rapid Wire Termination Technology

Onanon solder ball fusing technology can be applied to connect a socket to a surface mount board efficiently and cost-effectively. Solder balls can be applied to connect a socket to a fine wire cable. This is an ideal solution for connecting an image sensor or other sensor chip that must be mounted away from a board.

Socket substrate can be of any engineered plastic, ceramic or PCB. Circuits can be added with passive and active components. Substrate circuitry can be used to upgrade to an advanced IC with a different pin-out and inverted signals. Substrate inverters can flip enable/disable and in/out signals as required. This can save expensive redesign cost of a board, and save existing boards in inventory.

From Prototype To Any Volume, With On-Time Delivery

Socket adapter are manufactured from prototype to any volume for supplied delivery by the same CNC high speed, high reproducible machine, with spot checks by sophisticated monitoring equipment.

As always, the staff at Onanon is here to assist you towards developing your requirements, and expanding the possibilities.

Let's discuss your upcoming IC socket and/or adapter applications and what we can do to make it happen. Contact Onanon on today's IC socket and adapter technology.

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