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Onanon Machined Plastics Routing

Composite materials-roouting

Contact Onanon about routing machined plastics 1-408-262-8990

  • High speed air bearing spindles turn at 80,000 RPM.
  • Machined features held to ± 0.0005”.
  • Depth control ± 0.001".
  • Cutter diameters as small as 0.01”.
  • True position accuracy within 0.002”.
  • Regular spot checks by state of the art touch probe and optical inspection systems.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.


High Speed CNC Routing

Onanon has over 32 years’ experience working with FR4, G10 fiberglass, other high Tg engineered thermo plastics, ceramics and PCBs. We specialize in high speed CNC routing of all types of engineered plastics, phenolic and ceramics.

Onanon’s CNC high speed air bearing spindles turn at 80,000 RPM, cutting grove as small as 0.010”, creating high quality, rugged, reliable machine plastic parts at competitive cost. Our parts can be found in medical, avionics, automotive, commercial and military applications.

In-Process QC Controls + Our QC Dedicated Employees

Like all Onanon’s highly reproducible machining, cutting groves to tight tolerance is no exception. All parts are spot checked using sophisticated equipment by dedicated employees.

Our quality engineers will analyze every step of the manufacturing process and assure that all parts delivered will be in tolerances, providing full design and tolerance stack verifications.

Onanon parts are inspected to maintain tolerances past six standard deviations.

We Work Outside The Mold

We can help in selecting the most demanding engineered plastic material to suit your application. Onanon’s tight tolerance processing, repeatable multi-spindle equipment allows us to produce from prototypes to large volume and still be cost competitive with molding.

Changes can be made quickly often with little or no NRE. Our unique quick turn process allows us to deliver new parts with no tooling costs in days, where molding can take months and cost thousands.

Onanon high speed CNC machining assures reproducible tight tolerances prototypes to high volumes to meet your scheduled delivery.

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