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Onanon OEM connectors are globally competitive. High quality - Cost effective - Designed for manufacturing.

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Electromechanical Connectivity solutions. The Onanon design team will provide you with a solution that will improve the look, feel and function of your cable connector systems.

Medical Connectors

Medical Connector

At Onanon we design, prototype, test and manufacture OEM medical connectors for medical device companies worldwide. Our extensive design and manufacturing knowledge provides high performance connectors for both reusable and disposable applications, utilizing dramatic cost and yield saving technology.

Cable Assemblies

Cable Assembly

Onanon customizable cable assemblies, can be made from all types of materials, disposalble to reusable harsh environments and  sterilizable. We specialize in automating the wire termination process for wire gauges as small as 56 AWG, drastically reducing assembly costs. Cable assemblies can be over-molded.

Overmolded Cables

Overmold cable

Onanon overmolding provides connectors and cable assemblies with a professionally styled, ergonomically soft touch, IP67, shock proof and strain relieving. Overmold cable assembly encapsulation is formed using a highly resilient overmold resin to protect electronics and add durabilty.

Customized Solutions

Customized Connector Solutions

Our customers enjoy our creative nimbleness, attention to detail and our design and engineering horsepower.  Our rapid prototyping, 5-axis machining, in house circuit board prototyping and extensive testing lab, allows us to create working prototypes in as little as 24 hours.   

Intelligent Connectors

Onanon embedded electronics connector technology adds active and/or passive components to a custom connector to expand the function of a device rather than requiring a main system board redesign. Shortens retrofit time to market. Make modifications, add functions and updates quickly and economically.

Machined Plastics

Onanon can efficiently produce your engineered plastic fabricated parts. Using high speed CNC automation capable of 110,000rpm's and tool size as small as .1mm (.004") often at less cost than molded parts. ISO-9001 & 13485 certified custom machined plastic products are found in medical devices, avionics, automotive, commercial, electronic and military applications.

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