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Onanon Pinned Insulators

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  • Pins can be any size or shape, round, rectangular and square, with multiple pin sizes in the same package.
  • Pin counts from 1 to as many as required, at any pitch.
  • True position accuracy ensures compliant pin connectors smooth non-binding press fit.
  • Any engineered plastic or PCB substrate can be used to build a compliant pin connector.
  • Compliant pins assure a low resistance connection without solder.
  • Compliant pin connectors can be installed or removed from boards with ordinary tools.
  • Circuits and components can be added to connector pin substrate.
  • Rapid prototyping and volume production that meets your schedule requirements.

Solderless Press-Fit Electrical Connections

Onanon manufactures compliant pin connectors to your specifications, in any shape, pattern or size for a solderless press-fit electrical connection. Compliant pin connectors can be connected by hand pressure and removed by simple tools.

Onanon compliant pin connectors can be built on any engineered plastic, ceramic or PCB substrate, with circuits and passive or active components embedded. Onanon compliant pin connectors combine eye-of-the-needle pin form with a concave shape to ensure a pin that will fit snug in plated through holes.

Onanon’s unique design assures that each pin can be inserted into a plated through-hole with a constant equal force, resulting in a low resistance, electrically secure contact.

Advanced Compliant Pin Technology

Since our CNC drilling machines can drill with a true position with 0.002” accuracy, there is no scrapping of these holes and no debris after many cycles of connecting. High alignment accuracy assures that high pin number connectors will press-fit smoothly. This is particularly necessary for plug-in modifier boards which can be used to update PCBs in the field.

Onanon compliant pin connectors built on PCB substrates open a world of possibilities. Add a jumper to affirm connection and enable voltages to sequencing up to make connectors hot-pluggable. Add resistors to terminate, or zener diodes to protect from voltage surges.

Active components can include transistors, op-amps, EEPROMs and even processors.

Board Modifications In The Field Without Soldering

With Onanon compliant pin technology, one board can be designed to accommodate several applications and updates on the fly. When designing a board, OEMs can bring all the traces that might require modifications or future updates to an array of plated through-holes on the board. Compliant pin connector plug-ins can instantly adapt the board to a specific application, or be updated by technicians in the field.

You supply the imagination and we will supply the compliant pin connector. The staff at Onanon is here to assist you towards developing your requirements, and expanding the possibilities.

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