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Onanon Machined Plastics Milling

Contact Onanon about milling machined plastics 1-408-262-8990

  • High speed spindles turn at 30,000 RPM.
  • Machined features held to ± 0.0005”.
  • Depth control ± 0.001".
  • Cutter diameters as small as 0.01”.
  • Grooves as small as 0.01”.
  • True position accuracy within 0.002”.
  • Regular spot checks by state of the art touch probe and optical inspection systems.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

High Speed CNC Milling

High speed CNC milling is another important tool at Onanon that sculpts parts from engineered plastics, ceramics or PCB. Materials we work with include FR4, G10 fiberglass, phenolic and other high Tg engineered thermo plastics.

Our high quality, cost effective CNC milled parts are found in medical, military, avionics, automotive and electronic industries

4 Axis Vertical Milling Spindles

Onanon utilizes 4 axis fully automated vertical milling spindles turning at 30,000 RPM to create cost effects parts with highly reproducible tolerance, from prototypes to any volume to meet your schedules JIT delivery.

Besides the XYZ axis, Onanon’s extra axis permits asymmetric and eccentric turning of smooth surfaces eliminating the “stair step” effect inherent in the XY additive process.

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

Onanon rapid prototyping and manufacturing is not only immediately cost effective by reducing set-up time, but is economically effective by reducing product development time, and thus time to market.

Our parts are found in a variety of industries requiring reliability, ruggedness, high tolerances and reduced cost. Our engineers are eager and creativer collaborators.

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