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Onanon Machined Plastics Fabricated Parts

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ONANON has been manufacturing machined components for the Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor and other high-tech industries since 1979.

Our specialty products are designed to customer specifications and we can support a wide range of applications, such as housings, drilled panels, test fixtures, test sockets, adapters, connector housings, shims, gaskets and pretty much anything else that you imagine. We have a very broad range of materials to choose from. 

  • Onanon utilizes high speed multi-spindle routing machines and 3D printers.
  • Fully automated, multiple head CNC machines.
  • Drilling diameters as small as 0.004”, depth accuracy ± 0.001”, position accuracy ± 0.002”.
  • V-scoring 4 axis uses 4” carbine cutting wheels, web thickness as small as 0.005”, accurate to ± 0.001” per axis, easy dismantling from panel array.
  • FR4, G10 fiberglass, phenolic and other high Tg engineered thermo plastics for medical, military, avionics, automotive and other electronics industries.
  • Onanon is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Advanced Maufacturing of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backed Parts

Contact Onanon about PSA backed fabrication 1-408-262-8990 ext 236

Onanon can apply pressure-sensitive adhesive to any fabricated part. Parts can be provided in in panels or strip form to improve handling efficiency. Improve manufacturing efficiencies & cost by eliminating fasteners and facilitates fast and easy installation. Wide range of materials available.


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical devices
  • Housings
  • Electrical insulators
  • Gaskets
  • Isolation fixtures
  • Back potting
  • Shielding

Meeting Demanding Requirements

Onanon has manufactured custom fabricated parts made from the appropriate engineered plastic to meet demanding OEM requirements for over three decades. We can efficiently produce your custom product with repeatability and unsurpassed quality, often at less cost.

Our manufacturing facility houses the latest in multi-axis VMC’s, high speed drilling, routing and V-scoring equipment. With total quality control over the manufacturing process we can ensure that each part meets our high standards, and yours.

State Of The Art And Fully Automated

We utilize state of the art fully automated multiple head CNC machines, allowing us to be more competitive than molding in many cases. High speed drilling, routing, scoring and milling creates parts beyond molding capability with little or no NRE or set-up cost.

Our 4-axis high speed V-scoring machines render a smooth edge. V-scoring permits an unscored solid margin around the material panel to hold and machine an array of parts. Individual parts are separated by fine score lines so they can be removed from the machining set-up intact. When ready, these score lines permit easy part break-out, by far smoother than possible by mold lines.

Faster, Better, At Less Cost 

So our customers can get their products to market faster, Onanon has the in-house capability to laser engrave parts with marking and date codes. In addition, we offer custom vacuum form packaging service for your products.

Onanon engineered plastic fabricated parts manufacturing has advanced by exceeding every new challenge while being globally cost competitive.

That’s how we continue to get better.

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