Engineering & Design Services
Industrial Design

Onanon’s vast expertise in industrial design creates products and systems for our customers that optimize function, value and appearance for the mutual benefit of the User, Marketing and Manufacturability.   Our in-house engineering lab, houses everything to create functioning prototypes in just a few days.

  • Product configuration development
  • Aesthetic development
  • Concept illustration
  • Surface modeling
  • Digital rendering
  • FDM rapid printing capability
  • SLA rapid printing capability
Mechanical Engineering

Onanon’s engineering expertise has been applied to products and systems ranging from Medical instruments to automated machinery.  We pride ourselves in our knowledge of materials and processes appropriate to both small and large scale production.

  • Mechanism architecture development
  • Complex mechanism
  • Design for water, dust, sterilization intrusion prevention.
  • Structure analysis
  • Design testing and validation
Electrical Design

In many cases we are called upon to carry out electrical, electronic and software solutions in conjunction with our aesthetic and mechanical design development.

We offer high lever electrical design in the following areas:

  • Gamma safe Eeprom’s
  • Microcontroller systems and programming
  • RFI/EMI Shielding design
  • PCB design and layout
  • Electronic use limiting
  • Power electronics
Design for Manufacturing

Onanon employs 6 sigma and DFMA techniques to minimize product cost through design and process improvements.

  • Reducing assembly costs
  • Reducing material costs
  • Improving yields
  • Eliminating non-value parts and functions.
  • Increased product reliability
  • Easier to add future design variations