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  • Our high speed air bearing spindles turning at 115,000 RPM allow Onanon to hold ±.0005" tolerances on machined features.
  • Cutter diameters as small as 0.004".
  • Depth control ± 0.001".
  • True position accuracy within 0.002".
  • In-process controls.
  • State of the art touch probe and optical inspection systems.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

High Speed CNC Drilling

Onanon has over three decades of experience CNC drilling FR4, G10 fiberglass and other high Tg engineered thermo plastics. As electronics keeps getting smaller, Onanon has specialized in high speed CNC drilling of all types of engineered plastics and phenolics.

Our ability to make high quality small connectors is dependent on drilling small holes with precise size so that pins fit snugly and are positioned accurately so that connectors push in easily but firmly.

Our compliant pins can be hand-pressed into plated through holes with even friction and without scrapping and producing debris. Such precision insures many cycles. Onanon drills holes as small as 0.004”, with depth control +/- 0.001”, positioned within 0.002” accuracy.

Cost Competitive With Molding

Onanon custom drilled and machined plastic parts can be found in medical devices, avionics, automotive, commercial electronics and military applications just to name a few.

Our tight tolerance processing with highly repeatable multi-spindle machines insures quality is inherent in production, prototypes to high volume, and cost competitive with molding.

Onanon high speed air bearing spindles turn at 115,000 RPM, and can drill over a million holes per hour. Our unique quick turn process allows us to deliver new parts with no tooling costs in days, when molding can take months and cost thousands.

Six Sigma Standards Manufacturing

Our in-process control, and our spot touch probe, optical and X-ray inspection shows that, at six standard deviations out, we’re still in spec. This is just the way we do it.

Our engineers can work with your engineers on every step of the design for manufacture process. Our quality engineers analyze process capability studies to verify your part will be six sigma standards manufactured, with full design and tolerance stack verifications.

Onanon can help you select the most demanding and reliable engineered plastic to suit your application. Our experience has made us knowledgeable in material requirements for such diverse fields as mission critical rugged military equipment and minimally invasive medical device applications.

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