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Onanon Custom OEM Connector Design and Manufacturing

Contact the "Can Do" sales team at Onanon to discuss customizing a solution for your application 1-408-262-8990 ext 236

Onanon is an engineering and manufacturing company capable of producing over 10 million connector components a day,making us one of the largest connector manufacturers in North American

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial design all in house.
  • Rapid prototyping, 3D printing, 5-axis machining, in house circuit board prototyping.
  • EQ to PQ testing and validation, using the latest in test equipment.
  • Automation allows for quick turn, low cost, we automate connector pin assembly, SMT assembly, molding, wire handling and wire termination.
  • Lean Sigma and 5S methodologies practiced in all processes. 
  • Engineered plastics are used as the platform of our connectors, allowing for scalablity of electronics, customization of pin pattern and dialectrics.
  • Passive or active electronic components can be mounted to the connector.
  • Onanon manufactures application specific connectors that exceeds specifcations.
  • Electronic components can be over-molded for durability and IP67
  • Customized cable, wire conductors, insulation materials can quickly be made with little to no cost impact.
  • Connector Contacts types for all applications, Crimp, Solder, Solderless, PCB mount, Flex mount.
  • Wire gauge sizes down to 56 AWG.
  • exotic and disimilar alloy materials, high bandwidth, high power and thermal applications.
  • You own the design we create for you, eliminating all obsolescence concerns.
  • Customized solutions eliminate 3rd party piracy.



Customized Solutions To Your Specifications

Onanon manufactures custom connectors to your specifications. They can be made with any engineered plastic, PCB or ceramic, in any size or shape, with any number of pins in any size and any shape, all on the same substrate.

An astounding range of applications for Onanon electronics embedded connector technology has been demonstrated by enthusiastic design engineers working with Onanon’s enthusiastic engineering staff. Circuits can be added to a PCB connector substrate including terminating resistors, protection diodes, LEDs, op-amps, or processors. Your proprietary custom connector can be designed to include or exclude third party systems.

Adding an appropriate colored LED to a pulsing circuit in an Onanon embedded electronics connector with an engineered translucent plastic shell can warn of a problem and/or indicate data flow. Zener diodes can be added to clip transients, or when incorporated with LED circuits to warn of over voltages. Even more complex circuits can be added to make connectors hot pluggable by sequencing up supply voltages.

Board Modifier Custom Connectors

Onanon custom connectors can be applied as board modifiers. Using compliant pins, a connector can connect to a board through plated holes. Board modification can be accomplished by a technician in the field to update an existing board without the use of special tools.

Using solder balls, custom connectors can be attached to surface mountable boards, permitting basic boards to be modified for different applications. This can reduce inventory, since only basic boards need to be stocked. They can be fitted with an appropriate modification when required.

Another popular application is to bring out every trace that involves a “tough” decision to a plated through-hole grid area. By this method, system design engineers can ensure that many future problems can be solved by a modification board. Talk to Onanon about your board modifier goals. We'll collaborate on getting an effective solution in place.

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