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Onanon Rapid Wire Termination Technology

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Onanon rapid wire termination is a versatile procedure that can connect any size wires from 20 gauge to 50 gauge in any pattern. A bundle of 100 40 gauge wires can be connected to a solder ball array in dimensions of less than a square centimeter.

  • Reduce assemble time and cost constructing cables.
  • Improves yield and reliability of cables.
  • Improve solder connections.
  • Connects 100 40-guage wires in any pattern in 1 cm sq. PCB.
  • Connects 20 to 50 gauge wires in any pattern

The Automation Of Fine Wire Termination

Onanon’s proprietary rapid wire termination technology makes connecting wires to connector substrates as easy as making connections to PC board substrates. Devices with 100 or more connector pins in a square centimeter are possible.The process is inexpensive and quick with high quality yields. 

The automation of fine wire termination provides for reduced assembly times, improved yields and improved field reliability in what has traditionally been the most time consuming and costly production activity in manufacturing complex medical connectors.

Automatic Assembly And Reliable Soldering

Rapid fine-wire termination permits smaller wires to be reliably soldered in a fraction of the time and cost of manual soldering.

Rapid wire termination can be an automated process which reduces soldering time and eliminates cold solder joints and burnt insulation, and greatly reduces process time. Quality interaction can be reduced down to spot-checking.

Rapid Wire Termination Supports Embedded Electronics

Modern automated rapid wire termination technology offers medical connector functionality beyond today’s uses. Future medical electronics instruments could have intelligence built into their connectors, with system upgrades introduced through drop-in replaceable connectors.

Combining different sized wires terminating in a single connector makes it possible for device OEMs to embed value added, intelligent, microscale systems into their connector designs, dramatically enhancing capabilities that can be introduced from the connector.

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