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Onanon Connectors with Embedded Electronics

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Embedded ElectronicsConnectors often require modification. Designers need to anticipate modifications of their own systems, and often those of any third party system. Engineering it to work with future embedded electronic connectors can extend the useful life of a device.

The board design team examines the board’s system requirements and determine any area that might require future updating. By running a trace from an appropriate pin or trace that might require updating in the future to an area of a board with plated through holes, a modifier connector that can update the board at a significantly lower cost than re-designing and manufacturing the board can be engineered.

For example, the customer may want a flashing light and sounder to alert a technician when a particular signal is not presented to a certain device. If this signal is brought out to a plated through hole on the device’s main PCB, then the sounder, LED and any driving circuit can be built into a custom connector.




Active Connectors For Medical Devices

Active connectors are especially appropriate for solving engineering problems for medical devices. Original biomedical signals are often low level and low frequency. For example, EKG signals are measured in millivolts and EEG in microvolts. Such signals are subject to interference – especially from 60-Hz power. Active connectors with embedded op-amp circuits can assure the integrity of these signals.

Updating a device using embedded electronic connectors is thus achieved with little cost – a small increment to the original main PCB. No defects are introduced, and the customized device time-to-market is shortened.

High reliability can best be maintained if the modification and quality assurance is accomplished by the original connector manufacturer. Onanon completely automated manufacturing facilities are cost-competitive globally, and utilize automated inspection and quick engineering to respond to any problem or modification requirement.

Onanon Connectors With Embedded Electronics

Onanon connectors with embedded electronics technology adds active and/or passive components to a custom connector, and can expand the function of a device rather than redesigning the main board. It is certainly less expensive to plan connector updating designs for future manufacture this way.

  • Add passive and active components without redesigning boards.
  • Make modifications and update quick and economically.
  • Shorten redesign time to market.
  • Make quick economical retrofits.
  • Maintain customer loyalty.

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