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Automated Manufacturing and Assembly

Contact Onanon about Automated Manufacturing and Assembly 1-408-262-8990 ext 236

Onanon’s CNC machining and overmolding can produce millions of units to close tolerance, spot checked by highly trained and motivated inspectors using state-of-the-art equipment. More importantly, we can produce one or a few before we start a long run. If these parts are not right, a few changes in the CAD files may correct the problem.

Rapid prototyping is as important as volume production. Nothing beats having a prototype in your hands in days rather than months. We can deliver few or many connectors with any number of pins—any size, pitch or shape on substrates made from any engineered plastic, ceramic or PCB.

Onanon Rapid Wire Termination

Our proprietary solder ball rapid fine wire termination technology not only insures well-fit quick connections, but also insures good solder connections with low inductance, capacitance and resistance.

Coupled with our highly reproducible automation and X-ray spot checking, this technology assures secure, world-class, RoHS compliant connections.

Onanon Design For Manufacturing

Onanon applies DFM practices to cost effectively deliver its mass customized connector products to your supply chain. We understand that engineering is a continuous innovation to build a better product. 

Onanon applies these practices to provide well designed, easily manufacturable and cost effective products. We spend the time to make your product assembly as efficient as possible.

Onanon Compliant Pin Technology

We can place PCBs on the substrates of connectors to connect terminals, add termination resistors, op-amps or processors.

Our compliant pin technology allows board add-ons to work for different applications. These pins allow right angle and mezzanine connectors that are hand pluggable into PCB holes. Think of connectors as a quick way to build mods for your products.

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