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Onanon Cable Assemblies

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Onanon cable assemblies terminate as connectors with any number of pins, any size, any shape and in any pattern on any engineered plastic, ceramic or PCB substrate.

Wires from 20 to 50 gauges can be automatically soldered and run in a harness using Onanon’s proprietary rapid fine wire termination technology and encased by water proof, shock proof and strain relieved overmolding.

Onanon cable assemblies are produced by high speed automation, the result of over three decades of automation experience at Onanon.




Embedded Electronics

Cable assemblies often offer unique opportunities to use embedded electronic components and circuits on PCB substrates in the connectors. Since connector can be easily replaced in the field, retrofixes and updates can be installed often without tools.

Cable assemblies also afford a unique opportunity to improve the signal-to-noise ratio nearest the source. Low level high impedance signals such as millivolt EKG and microvolt EEG can be boasted by op-amps which can also be used to increase common mode rejection.



 Any Volume With Quick Changes

Since Onanon’s cable assemblies are made by software driven CNC machine technology, production volume can be one or many. We can deliver a prototype and modify it by simply changing the program.

Onanon's Robo Hot Socket System is the world's fastest fine wire to connector soldering system.

Contact the "Can Do" team at Onanon about our Robo Hot Sockets 1-408-262-8990 ext 236

Our automated wire termination technology not only insures well-fit quick connections, but it also insures connections with low inductance, capacitance and resistance.

Coupled with our highly reproducible automation and X-ray spot checking, this technology can assure secure RoHS compliant connections.

Automated Wire Termination

Automated Wire Termination

The Onanon Connector is a full assembly, consisting of both the plug and the receptacle, fully assembled by Onanon at our Milpitas headquarters. This connector has been fully designed for manufacturability. Our process is controlled and streamlined, in order to produce the best leadtimes for your product.

The Receptacle is available in panel mount or mating connector form. Based on your needs, we will apply either the panel mount receptacle design, or we will use the mating connector form that is assembled on the cable.

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